MODERN CROWD. Machined Map Art.

MODERN CROWD. Machined Map Art.

Modern Crowd

Photo?size=medium third Modern Crowd

Machined Map Art

One of the fastest growing, globally-adopted modern styles is metal wall art. The metallic undertones of theCNC-machined state maps in this Modern Crowd sale provide beautiful light reflection and bright, crisp designs. The unusual material strikes a perfect balance with most modern room layouts. New York // Acrylic Cutout State Map New York // Acrylic Cutout State Map
$259.99 $390…

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THE STUDIO 312. Surreal Metallic Landscapes.

THE STUDIO 312. Surreal Metallic Landscapes.

Tim Jarosz 23_skylinewatercolor

2e58df6ae1a0393fc3738b2f3842d24f thumb About the Artist

Tim Jarosz

The Studio312 is the artwork and photography of Chicago artist Tim Jarosz. He uses his background in photography and graphic design equally to create his work. His work is focused on the urban environment and inspired by the things around him. Photo?size=medium third The Studio 312

Surreal Metallic Landscapes

The metal that each of these peaceful landscapes from The Studio 312

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STELLAVIE. Stellar Screen Prints.

STELLAVIE. Stellar Screen Prints.

7d958ca3f9f1a2f4059f0889f94c3612 thumb About the Artists

Steffen Heidemann & Viktoria Klein

Steffen Heidemann & Viktoria Klein are the founders and lead designers behind Stellavie Design. Their studio focuses on paper products, utilizing their talents to create beautiful art prints in limited runs. Where to Buy:

TouchOfModern_logo Visit

Photo?size=medium third Stellavie

Stellar Screen Prints

Enlighten your walls with one of Stellavie’s limited edition constellatio…

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Banksy. Canvas Prints.

Photo?size=medium third Banksy

Canvas Prints

Banksy has been actively redefining the street art scene since the 90’s. Classified as a vandal by some and a hero by others, Banksy has nevertheless managed to prod, excite, and entertain us with his pieces. Despite the accolades and controversy that continue to surround his activities and his production of the Academy Award nominated documentary Exit Through The…

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THE CANVAS WAVE. Oceanic Artwork.

THE CANVAS WAVE. Oceanic Artwork.

Photo?size=medium third The Canvas Wave

Oceanic Artwork

It shouldn’t be so difficult—or expensive—to find high-quality images depicting a life of adventure and exotic locales. That’s exactly why a gifted gang of 14 photographers have come together to capture this imagery from all corners of the world. The Canvas Wave art collective delivers on one mission: to bring you evocative images that are as affordable…

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KATSUSHIKA HOKUSAI. Japanese Master Prints.

KATSUSHIKA HOKUSAI. Japanese Master Prints.

Photo?size=medium third Katsushika Hokusai

Japanese Master Prints

Katsushika Hokusai was a Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter, and printmaker from the Edo period of the 18th and 19th century. Hokusai’s “36 Views of Mount Fuji” series solidified his reputation as a master of his craft both in Japan and abroad. This sale includes many of his most famous works, which are sure to add a meditative, artful touch to any…

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ROK Espresso + Coffee Art. Everything Espresso.

ROK Espresso + Coffee Art. Everything Espresso.

Photo?size=medium third   ROK Espresso + Coffee Art

Everything Espresso

Featured in this high-caffeine sale are prints from design house Stellavie and an espresso machine from the espresso innovators behind ROK. This collection is the perfect set of first edition prints and kitchenware for coffee addicts around the world. ROK Espresso Machine

ROK Espresso Machine
$139.99 $199.00


Espresso Art & Science // Black & White

Espresso Art & Science //…

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  The Geekerie Prints of the Planets Artist Christian Petersen established The Geekerie in…

Photo?size=medium third The Geekerie

Prints of the Planets

Artist Christian Petersen established The Geekerie in 2011 as an attempt to develop a more diverse and personal portfolio. The featured series, The Pixelated Universe was conceived as a modern approach to retro pixel-art illustrations. Fascinated by current artists delving back into a design style which — at the time — was adopted out of necessity, Chri…

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Metal Art Prints. Contemporary Illustrations on Aluminum

Metal Art Prints. Contemporary Illustrations on Aluminum

white loft
Photo?size=medium third Metal Art Prints

Contemporary Illustrations on Aluminum

Eyes On Walls is an art company that publishes an exclusive collection of edgy and inspiring art from popular urban culture. They work with a worldwide collective of some of the most popular young living artists of today to offer the best collection of their work available and make it accessible to any art budget. This collection…

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Commemorate your passion for your hobbies, from Batman to Star Wars, fast cars, high tech and more with these Oliver Gal technical drawings and patent prints.


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Oliver Gal. Exclusive Framed Prints Commemorate your passion for your hobbies, from Batman to Star Wars, fast cars, high tech and more with these…